Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

On Friday, July 21st, Target hosted a training conducted by three Carroll Community College’s Physical Therapy Assistant program members. I have written about the three gentlemen in the past and the power of community engagement. When multiple groups within a community come together to serve others, the result is greater than the sum of the parts.

Lee Baker, Dhaval Patel, and Shameel Siddiqui presented to the residential staff a handbook of activities that can be implemented with our participants to increase movement, flexibility, and strength. In addition to the professional format and clear directions, the manual provides modifications for those with limited mobility. The resources are an asset to Target participants and will improve their physical health well into the future. I should note that conducting this seminar for Target staff was not a part of the requirement of their program. The three men returned months later to take the project to the next level.

I have been involved in service learning for many years, and this is the best project I have ever been involved with. In the purest sense of service, a small project in the overall curriculum of study for three gentlemen will bear fruit in the lives of those they served for many years.

Carroll Community College’s program coordinator, Sarah Licharowicz, also joined us for the presentation. She is smarter than I am and took a great picture of the four of us after the training.

For those of us whose value put services to others at the center of humanity, this project is the high-water mark for our work. Thank you, Lee, Dhaval, and Shameel. Target is grateful for your time and involvement.