Doctors for Dummies Campaign

One of Target’s current needs is to replace our CPR training dummies. Each member of the Target team receives CPR and First Aid training on an ongoing basis to best prepare our team members for emergency situations. This year we added AED training with the installation of AED devices in our offices and residential communities.

As this training is offered in-house, we have multiple American Red Cross-certified instructors, and it is Target’s responsibility to maintain the necessary training materials and equipment. AED installation is a pressing social priority and grant funds were available to assist with the ramp-up of these devices. Unfortunately, CPR dummies have fallen out of fashion in the grant funding world and are a low priority with many of our grant partners.

We turn to you, our external Target community of supporters in hopes of improving our equipment for CPR training.

This campaign will work to raise funds to replace all sixteen of our current CPR dummies were newer, better, and more advanced models. Our current collection of dummies is falling apart. In December when I completed the training not only was I focused on keeping my dummy ‘breathing,’ I was worried about keeping his jaw connected to his head.

We have dubbed this campaign, “Doctors for Dummies.”  The goal is to reach out to those of you who are connected to the medical community for support. You do not need to be a doctor or a member of the medical field to participate…or even a doctor for that matter, we believe anyone who understands the needs for individual and public safety is a great candidate to support this initiative. When my daughter was younger, she would remind me, “you am not that kind of doctor,” and I am pledging my support to this campaign.

We must acquire sixteen new dummies which cost $600 each, bringing the total fundraising goal to $9,600. The idea is that individuals, or a group, would sponsor the acquisition of a single new dummy with a $600 donation. In turn, the new dummy would be ‘named’ for the donor. Usually, it takes millions of dollars or years of service for a ‘naming’ opportunity. While we will not engrave names on the sides of buildings in this effort, we will paint your name on the shoulder of the dummy in a heart shape tattoo-style image.

So, Doctors for Dummies. Honestly, we really love the name. If you are someone who would like to partner with us in raising funds to bring our CPR training dummies up-to-date and help prepare our team for emergency situations, please reach out to Gail Slater ( or me ( to arrange for the donation.

We promise not to call you a dummy. My only debate with my donations will be whether my sponsored dummy has a tattoo of my name or is in tribute to my mother with a big heart with the word “Mom,” in the middle.