A Tribute and Remembrance

Hey everyone,

I’m writing this morning as we set a day aside in recognition of the works of Dr. Martin Luther King and the fight for civil rights in our country. My favorite phrase is, “Disability is a natural part of the human experience.”  I’ve said it repeatedly in lectures, presentations, and writings. It doesn’t take too many repetitions to realize that ‘difference is a natural part of the human experience.’  The mystic notion in my spiritual formation points to the mystery that we as humans are all unique but still the same. Unique in our personalities, color, race, creed, genders, and abilities, but the same in the foundational inheritance of full human dignity.

The human species come together as a single living organism. What one does for another out of love increases the good of the whole. What another does in hate decreases the universal good. King said, “I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”  Hate and evil are not specific acts but to willingly and brutally disregard the lives of others, oblivious to the wounds we inflict. To live in this manner must be an exhausting burden.

At Target, we work with a deep commitment to serving others and putting in the energy that improves the whole. I witness this ‘good’ in my interactions with every dedicated team member.

I have ingrained biases limiting my ability to see and honor the differences within my communities. To ‘stick with love’ is not one choice on a single day but a lifelong commitment to critically evaluate one’s thoughts and actions to ensure the greatest connection to others. This habit of being, or what Socrates labeled the Examined Life, requires the openness to reviewing our reflection in the lives of others. To ignore this aspect of my life must be choosing to invoke evil.

I attempt to evaluate my consciousness, actions, and reactions daily in this examination of life, but as a human, I will fall in this walk more times than I will prevail.

Below is research from Project Implicit to help us understand our internal biases and confront how those biases might impact our dealings with others. Use the ‘Take a Test’ button to begin.

In solemn remembrance of the past and a continued commitment to tomorrow.