A Rare Opportunity

Recruiting for Target’s Community Living Manager program remains one of the most important and challenging priorities for Target Community and Educational Services. At our inception, Target’s residential program was built upon the notion that our residential communities were improved when those serving in our houses were working and studying in the development of their own capacity to impact the lives of those they served.

For decades, each of our residential programs was staffed with two Community Living Managers (CLMs). The job title changed through the years; the position remained the same: live in and manage a residential program while studying towards a master’s degree in human services management from McDaniel College. Target’s operations have expanded over the years, but this program remains at the core of our work.

The list of individuals who have come through our program reads like a who’s-who of professionals in the human services field and top individuals across other fields. When I hear stories from alums about the program I’m reminded of my own experience in the trenches while ‘paying my dues,’ in early career jobs. The stories are of hard work, great fun, and lifelong bonds.

Since the pandemic, interest in the program has waned. Not all of our residential programs are covered by two managers. We have some great people slotted to join us this spring and next fall, but we would like to find more mission-fit individuals to join our team.

It’s a great deal: a free master’s degree, a place to live, a salary, and benefits. Those who are interested in the program jump at the opportunity. I know there are more folks out there who would be interested in this type of program but finding them is a challenge.

This week Gail and I met with Jack, a McDaniel student who is interested in video production and marketing. Jack worked on a film project for us a year ago and has some free time in his schedule before he heads off to Nashville for a summer internship with a production company. True to the community-building value, Jack reached out to offer his time and talents to develop content for our social media channels with the goal of bringing attention to the program. What a gift Jack and his work will be to Target.

If you know of anyone who might be interested in joining Target in our CLM program, please send them my way. A link to additional information is below. Please consider sharing the link across your social media platforms.


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